How Boxbe Can Help You Reduce Your Email Stress

Email remains the top way we communicate with family, friends, work contacts, and companies. It has provided many work and social benefits to all of us, and it is truly something most of us couldn’t live without. But, at the same time, there is a major problem with being accessible at any time with a few clicks: it can be a significant cause of stress.

You may have heard the statistic that workers spend on average four hours every day responding to emails. Obviously, this will depend on the job, but that is a pretty stunning statistic. And because emails can be sent around the clock, employees often work in their off-time to respond to emails to ensure their inboxes don’t get too big.

And it’s not just in business. Social email accounts can get blasted with spam and unnecessary emails from people and companies the owner of the account doesn’t really want to respond to. In that case, they may shy away from their email accounts to avoid these messages, or they could miss important messages from their contacts because they’re lost in the giant pile of spam.

How Can Boxbe Help Those Stressed with Too Much Email?

We had the chance to check out a service called Boxbe. Boxbe is a free email tool that provides users with a number of ways to achieve inbox zero and not get overwhelmed with too many emails. Those who are concerned with clutter should know that Boxbe offers users the opportunity to automatically delete previous editions of their emails, cleaning up space.  It also allows users to block companies and contacts from reaching them if they don’t want to be reached.  Friends, family, and business contacts are prioritized, enabling users to see the emails they want to see.

Usability, affordability, and security are featured prominently in Boxbe reviews because Boxbe achieves all three. If you have been overburdened by emails in the past and want to say goodbye to email overload for good, you may want to check out Boxbe for yourself today.